The World of Personal Data -- Lifeblood of Big Business -- and the End of Privacy as We Know It.

We live in an age where personal information is relentlessly harvested and aggregated. We're eager to reap the benefits-a free drink at the casino or the ease of one-click ordering-but we lose sight of the face that Internet giants, leading retailers, and others are gathering data with little oversight from anyone. And it is growing ever more difficult for those businesses that choose not to engage in more intrusive data gathering to compete with those that do.


Paperback of "What Stays in Vegas" comes out May 10

Sat Apr 23 10:29 UTC
The paperback edition of "What Stays in Vegas" comes out May 10.   Past reviews include: One of the WASHINGTON POST’S 50 Notable Nonfiction Books of 2014   “[A] masterpiece...Tanner's book is one of the best business books written this year; in fact, it is one of the best business books in this century. It reminds me of Joe Nocera's first book, A PIECE OF THE ACTION, in that it combines detailed knowledge of his subject matter with an excellent writing style, countless personal interviews and observations of events.” Don McNay, Huffington Post   “WHAT STAYS IN VEGAS is an engrossing, story-packed takedown of the data industry…WHAT STAYS IN VEGAS offers a narrative that transforms Big Data from spreadsheet-dull to a racy read people will pay attention to.” FINANCIAL TIMES

Mexico's Entire Voter Database Made Accessible on Internet

Sat Apr 23 10:24 UTC
Mexican authorities say all 87 million voters’ addresses and other details were left open to public view without a password. See article in Scientific American.